Get Dental Emergency Care With Dr. Callow [Video]

Since you cannot predict accidents, you might need dental emergency care at any time. That’s why Dr. Callow offers same-day appointments. Whether it’s a loose tooth, a bad toothache, or having one knocked out, call us immediately at 734-404-7336. After-hours calls are sent to Dr. Callow so he can offer advice on what’s best for you next. And as this short video shows, you can help prevent ...

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Why Dentistry For Kids Is Needed [Blog]

In the past, parents didn’t worry too much about their kids’ teeth. They would fall out eventually, so why worry about them? Just because they are baby teeth doesn’t mean they don’t need proper care. All teeth can get cavities or gum infections that cause pain for your child. These can even make getting the new teeth problematic. Before things get bad, call Douglas A. Callow, ...

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The Differences Of Plaque Vs. Tartar [Video]

You have heard about plaque and tartar, and you know both are bad for your teeth. But why exactly, and what’s the difference between plaque vs. tartar? Plaque is a sticky film made up of harmful bacteria. It coats your teeth and allows the bacteria to damage your enamel. It turns hard over time and becomes tartar, the tough remains of those bacteria. Not only does this lead to ...

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Why You Need An Experienced Root Canal Dentist [Quiz]

When cavities do not get treated soon enough, they can break through your enamel to the soft tissue inside. This typically leads to a very painful infection that can require the tooth be removed. A root canal procedure can gently remove the infection and save your tooth. But for something this complicated, you really want an experienced root canal dentist. Not only can this help reduce any ...

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Are Fluoride Treatments Safe? Definitely! [Blog]

Over the years, few things have done more for your family’s smiles than fluoride. Adding this mineral to tap water and toothpaste has directly lead to a drop in cavities nationwide. Yet some well-meaning people believe otherwise. They think it’s unsafe for your family and that no one should ever use it. And thanks to the internet, these “ideas” are easy to find. How can you find ...

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Dr. Callow For Children’s Dentistry In Plymouth, MI [Video]

Everyone wants nice, healthy teeth, but sometimes people have trouble doing what they should for their dental health. That’s especially true when it comes to children! They might not even like going. Dr. Callow has been practicing children’s dentistry in Plymouth for over 35 years. That means he has the experience working with kids as young as two years old to help them feel welcome, ...

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Invisalign in Plymouth, MI For Discreetly Fixing Smiles [Blog]

When you think of orthodontics, chances are you think about metal braces. These have been used for many decades to correct crooked and misaligned teeth. If you have this problem, you’re probably not looking forward to braces. You might even resign yourself to having a smile that’s a bit embarrassing. Thankfully, you can get Invisalign in Plymouth, MI for a nearly invisible treatment that ...

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Start Your New Year With A New Family Dentist In Plymouth, MI [Photo]

To those who are taking a quick online break on this holiday, we wish you a Merry Christmas! You may not start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions just yet, but they’re likely to include health and wellness. Maybe you plan to visit the gym more often. Maybe you got a new treadmill for Christmas and plan to commit to a healthier lifestyle. What about your family’s health, specifically ...

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See The Difference An Experienced Plymouth Dentist Can Make [Photo]

Whether you need to repair teeth, replace teeth, or revamp your teeth, it’s important to choose an experienced Plymouth, MI dentist who can give you natural, beautiful results. You’ve probably seen photos or someone in person whose dental work just wasn’t convincing. Maybe their teeth were so bright that they were distracting. Maybe you’ve seen veneers so white they looked like fake ...

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Dr. Callow On The Many Benefits Of Dental Veneers [Video]

Are you unhappy with your smile? If you’ve always wanted a smile that fills you with self-confidence and that you’ll be proud to show, consider dental veneers from Dr. Douglas Callow at Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI! Watch Dr. Callow’s video. You’ll learn about the simple process of getting veneers and how they can transform the look of one tooth or your entire smile ...

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