3 Reasons To Change Your Life With Dental Implants [BLOG]

Mini Dental Implants at Douglas A. Callow, DDS Office in Plymouth, MI

No matter how much you try to rationalize it, you can’t settle for missing teeth.

You might be too anxious about dental care to do anything about your tooth loss problem, but putting off replacing them will force you to live with an embarrassing, incomplete smile, limited oral function, and an unhealthy mouth.

So knowing that you can’t just allow those spaces left behind to remain vacant, it’s important to know which tooth replacement solution is going to give you the best chance at long-term health and happiness!

That’s dental implants at Douglas A. Callow, DDS!

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

The reason dental implants in Plymouth are a standout among tooth replacement solutions is how it functions not only as a new tooth, but also as a new root.

Dental crowns, bridges, and conventional dentures don’t do that because they only fill the empty spaces in your mouth on top of your gums.

By placing the dental implant below your gumline and inside your jaw, you’re getting a multifunctional replacement tooth.

Here are three significant ways this unique feature can change your life:

#1 – You’re Getting A Better Return On Your Investment!

You could replace one, many, or all of your teeth with dental bridges or dentures, but you’re only saving money in the short term. That’s because those restorations are not made to last forever.

Instead of continuing to throw money at a temporary solution, you could get a better return on your investment with dental implants because they’re made to last the rest of your life.

#2 – You Can Enjoy Better Health!

The only replacement method that bonds to your jawbone and strengthens it over time is a dental implant.

What this adds to your bite is pressure, which keeps your jawbone constantly stimulated and engaged. This used to be what your tooth root did every time you bit down on your food, so having an implant there in its place allows your new teeth to mimic the ones you lost.

#3 – Your Smile Will Look Great!

No one will be able to tell your teeth aren’t real!

That’s because implants keep them locked in place, so there won’t be any embarrassing slips that may impair your speech. But cosmetically, your new teeth will look just as natural as real teeth so your smile remains healthy, bright, and beautiful!

Change Your Life Now!

You can change your life for the better in significant ways when you invest in dental implants in Plymouth, MI. We hope today’s blog gives you a better appreciation for what implants can do for you, your health, and your quality of life.

To schedule a tooth replacement consultation at Douglas A. Callow, DDS, call us today at 734-404-7336 or fill out our online form for an appointment.

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