A Friendly Dentist Can Really Make A Difference | Plymouth, MI [Video]

Athletic Mouthguards in Plymouth, MI | Douglas A. Callow, DDS

Too many people don’t like going to the dentist. What’s worse? Letting small problems grow out of hand instead of catching them early with regular dental cleanings and exams. What starts out as a small cavity only detectable by a trained dentist can grow and require a root canal or even a tooth extraction.

Thankfully, you can call our Plymouth, MI dentist’s office today at 734-404-7336 and make an appointment with Dr. Callow. As you can see from this patient’s short video, he is friendly and warm. When you come here, you will be treated as family, and Dr. Callow will take the time to explain what’s happening and why.

After all, don’t you deserve to feel better about going to the dentist?

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