Are Fluoride Treatments Safe? Definitely! [Blog]

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Over the years, few things have done more for your family’s smiles than fluoride. Adding this mineral to tap water and toothpaste has directly lead to a drop in cavities nationwide.

Yet some well-meaning people believe otherwise. They think it’s unsafe for your family and that no one should ever use it. And thanks to the internet, these “ideas” are easy to find.

How can you find the truth? By calling our Plymouth, MI dental office at 734-404-7336. Dr. Callow has been practicing dentistry since 1984, and by staying current with new research and techniques, he knows that fluoride is not just safe — it’s a great idea for your family.

Why Fluoride Treatments Are Safe

There are many myths about fluoride, such as that it’s a man-made chemical dreamed up in the lab that can poison you. Neither is true, thankfully! Here are some facts about fluoride that explain why it is safe.

First, fluoride is a natural mineral. It is not man-made at all! Just like calcium, sodium, and iron, it can be found in nature and is good for your body is small doses. In fact, this mineral leaks into drinking water naturally, meaning many places already have some of it in their drinking water.

There are also many kinds of fluoride, and the ones used by dentists are safe. Take table salt. It’s made from sodium and chloride. This version of chloride is needed by the body, yet another version (chlorine) is toxic. When determining what’s healthy, you have to consider the type of mineral used. Again, dentists use a version that’s safe.

Of course, too much of any mineral can lead to problems. We need to stay hydrated, but overhydration is a medical problem you could face if you drink too much water. The same is true for fluoride. Scientists have made sure the dosages used in tap water and toothpaste are perfectly fine.

Protect Your Family’s Teeth

When you visit with Dr. Callow for a twice-yearly dental exam, you may receive a fluoride treatment. But what does this mineral do for teeth?

Dentists know that adding fluoride to a child’s diet leads to fewer cavities and healthier teeth. That’s because your body uses it to strengthen the enamel on your family’s teeth. It can even repair microscopic damage over time.

When your enamel is weak, cavities are more likely to form. The harmful bacteria can find homes in the enamel and start to destroy it, leading to tooth decay. But by using fluoride to make enamel stronger, it can more easily resist cavities. That means you can keep your teeth stronger and healthier.

Children often receive these treatments during a dental exam. Not only do they often need extra help with their dental health, insurance plans often stop covering these treatments by high school. However, Dr. Callow knows there are cases where adults can really benefit from it.  

Call Douglas A. Callow, D.D.S. today at 734-404-7336 to schedule the next appointment for you or your family. Are fluoride treatments safe? Definitely! Even better, they can help prevent cavities for adults and children alike.

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