Brushing And Flossing Done Right

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Your toothbrush and your dental floss make up your first line of defense against tooth decay and gum problems. Those are the tools that you can (and should!) use every day to remove decay- and disease-causing plaque from your teeth and gums. For the sake of your dental health, as well as your overall health, Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI is happy to present these tips to make your brushing and flossing as effective as it can be.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Brushing your teeth twice a day is ideal for almost everyone… but only if you’re using the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Your tooth enamel is the single hardest substance in the human body, but it can still be worn away if your toothbrush bristles are too hard or your toothpaste is too abrasive.

Here’s the thing – you don’t need to use much force when you brush. In its early stage, dental plaque is a thin, sticky, soft film that collects on the gum line around the teeth. It’s easily removed by regular and thorough brushing and flossing, even with soft toothbrush bristles. It’s more a question of dislodging the plaque from the gum line than it is scrubbing hard. Once the plaque is dislodged, simply rinsing your mouth thoroughly gets rid of it.  

Using a small-headed toothbrush with soft bristles is ideal for almost everyone. The smaller head lets you reach the tinier spaces in your mouth. It’s important to cover all the areas thoroughly, several times, to make sure that you remove as much plaque as possible.

Easy Does It, For The Sake Of Your Gums

Soft bristles are important for another reason. Your gums can actually begin to recede if you brush too hard or with bristles that are too hard. Receding gums can open you up to a host of problems, and they detract from your smile as well. Easy does it.

Use a mild toothpaste rather than an abrasive one. There are much better ways to get white teeth than scrubbing away on your enamel. Trust that gentle but thorough use of your tools will do the job of protecting your teeth and gums.

Enter Floss

The best toothbrush still can’t effectively reach all the way into the contacts between your teeth. That’s where dental floss comes in. Opinions vary, but there’s no real evidence to suggest that unwaxed dental floss is better than waxed. It’s more a matter of comfort and preference. Again, the goal of using dental floss is to dislodge plaque so that you can rinse it away. Take it easy when you’re using dental floss.

Call for Backup

In addition to your toothbrush and dental floss, regular professional dental cleanings and examinations from Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, WI are crucial to maintaining your oral health. Your hygienist will detect and remove tiny traces of plaque that can still remain despite your best efforts. And Dr. Douglas Callow will ensure that any tiny problems don’t become big problems. Schedule an appointment by calling our office today at 734-404-7336.

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