Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month

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OK, it’s not going to challenge Halloween’s supremacy, but October actually is National Orthodontic Health Month. To put it another way, October is straight teeth, aligned teeth, healthy teeth month. Straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are definitely worth celebrating! At Douglas A. Callow DDS in Plymouth, MI, Dr. Callow offers Invisalign® clear dental aligners so adults and teens can straighten their teeth comfortably and without embarrassment.

Traditional Metal Braces

When people think about straightening teeth, the image that comes to mind is the well-known “mouthful of metal.” That’s bad enough when you’re young, but it’s even worse for busy people in the working world and the dating scene. However, complex orthodontic cases are often best served by traditional braces.

Metal braces do an excellent job of moving teeth, but there are other drawbacks besides appearance issues. The metal wires and brackets can irritate or even cut the inside of the mouth. It’s hard to brush and floss thorough around braces. And tightening the wires periodically to keep moving the teeth can cause pain.

Invisalign®: Comfortable, Convenient, Discreet

Invisalign clear plastic dental aligners do an excellent job of moving teeth for most people. The smooth plastic absolutely will not cut or irritate your mouth, and they’re very hard for other people to detect when you’re wearing them.

The completely customized, made-just-for-you aligners fit so snugly over your teeth that you can – and should – sleep with them in place. For fastest results, you wear Invisalign for about 22 hours every day, removing them to eat and to care for your teeth just as you usually do.

About every two weeks, you shift to the next aligner in your series to continue moving your teeth. At worst, you’ll likely experience some very mild discomfort, if that, when first use the next aligner.

Compared to metal braces, Invisalign treatment is quick. Most treatment can be completed within 12 months. That compares very favorably to the 24-36 months often required for treatment with metal braces.

One Happy, Smiling Camper

Chase L. needed orthodontic treatment, and Dr. Callow decided that Invisalign was the best solution. Here’s part of what Chase had to say about his experience: “For me to come see Dr. Callow, the conversation between my parents floated around for a while because my teeth were not very bad, but they definitely could use some work. So when it came to what I wanted to do, it was braces. And at my last dental appointment, he was like, “Well, we’re doing Invisalign. So if you want to do that, come back in two weeks and we’ll get you started on that.” And ultimately, decided to go with that decision. And I wouldn’t have … I don’t regret in any way, shape, or form.

“My smile now is 20 times better than it was before we started this and I wouldn’t have changed it any other way. This is perfect. If your teeth are even slightly out of line, these will do the trick…”

You can read more or watch Chase’s video here.

Make October Your Start To A Great Smile

You can have straight, perfectly aligned teeth which are the foundation of a great smile and get $300 off Invisalign treatment. Schedule your free Invisalign consultation by calling Douglas A. Callow DDS in Plymouth, MI at 734-404-7336.

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