Count The Ways Dental Crowns Can Fix Your Smile! [BLOG]

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Tooth enamel is incredibly strong, but not completely indestructible, unfortunately.

You can trip and fall, land face first, and break a tooth, or you could get elbowed in the mouth or simply bite down the wrong way eating pizza.

And it doesn’t always take trauma to damage teeth. Even years of normal use can lead to fractures and wear.

The truth is you can damage a tooth in all sorts of ways, and a dental crown at Douglas A. Callow, DDS can save your smile when you do!

When Your Smile Needs Saving, Choose Dental Crowns!

Here are just a few ways dental crowns from your Plymouth dentist can fix problems with your teeth:

*Crowns Can Repair Dental Damage*

Covering a fractured tooth with a dental crown keeps damage like chips, cracks, and breaks from widening or worsening, and it also keeps bacteria out so the inside of your tooth won’t get infected and your mouth, overall, will stay healthy.

*Crowns Cover Large Cavities*

Tooth decay eats through enamel, and the hole that results in the tooth is a cavity.

A simple tooth filling is most often enough to preserve a decayed tooth thanks to our early detection methods at your routine dental checkups.

But when a cavity is too large for a normal filling, we can use a partial or full dental crown, depending on the extent of the decay.

A crown covers the tooth and creates a barrier to harmful bacteria moving forward.

*Crowns Can Be Used As Replacement Teeth*

A single missing tooth, or several missing teeth, can all be replaced with help from dental crowns. We can create a dental bridge to replace one or more teeth that are anchored by dental crowns. For further durability, bite strength, and lasting oral health, we can attach dental bridges to dental implants, too!

*Crowns Prevent The Return Of Infection*

If bacteria gets inside your tooth, it can infect the dental pulp where all your nerve endings and blood vessels live. This isn’t just painful, but it’s dangerous, especially if the infection enters your bloodstream and spreads to the rest of your body.

A root canal can keep that from happening, and a dental crown can be placed over the tooth after it’s been cleared of infection. The crown prevents the infection from returning so your mouth stays healthy.

*Crowns Cover Cosmetic Flaws*

You probably won’t find dental crowns listed under cosmetic dentistry services, but they’re actually a great way to hide flaws in your smile.

So far, we’ve listed several of the restorative purposes of dental crowns, but the truth is they can cosmetically benefit your smile because they cover all the problems we’ve talked about. Not only do you have the peace of mind of preserved oral health after decay, cavities, damage, and infection, but you’ll feel confident that your dental crown will blend in naturally with your surrounding teeth, making your smile look as bright and attractive as it is healthy.

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