Dental Implants Could Be Your Best Teeth Replacement Option

Dental Implants 3 at Douglas A. Callow, DDS Office in Plymouth, MI

It’s just an unfortunate part of being human – in spite of our best efforts, teeth sometimes are lost. In fact, teeth have gone missing for tens of thousands of years. For thousands of years, people have been looking for ways to replace them. Today’s modern dental implants have revolutionized the process of giving people new teeth that look, feel, and function just like their own teeth. At Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI, Dr. Douglas Callows offer several dental implant options.

About Dental Implants

Implants are small screws made of extremely strong titanium. Titanium is one of the very few metals that are biocompatible, meaning that the body won’t reject it. That’s why replacement knee joints, for instance, are made from titanium.

A dental implant is inserted into the jaw where a tooth is missing. The bone fuses around and to the implant, anchoring just as firmly as a natural tooth root. In fact, implants function just like tooth roots to stimulate the bone and keep it strong and healthy.

Once the implant is firmly secured, an abutment is attached to it. The abutment connects the implant with the restoration, or replacement tooth or teeth. Restorations include solid crowns, dental bridges, and partial or even full dentures. Depending on your need, one or more of those options will be used to restore your ability to chew comfortably and smile with confidence. Implants return up to 90 percent of your chewing power, meaning you can eat all the foods you love.

With care, dental implants should last as long as you live. That makes implants a great investment in your smile and your health.

Dental Implant Options

The large majority of people are candidates for dental implants, but there are some important considerations. First among these is the strength and thickness of the bone where the implant will be placed. Chewing exerts tremendous pressure on the bone, so there has to be enough and strong enough bone to anchor the implant and support chewing. Dr. Douglas Callow of Callow Family Dentistry will use sophisticated imaging options to determine whether implants will work for you.

Implant options include traditional implants and mini dental implants. Mini-implants may work for people whose bone isn’t suitable for full-sized implants. Again, Dr. Callow will determine which is the best choice for your needs.

The Implant Process

Following your free implant consultation with Dr. Callow, you’ll see an oral surgeon who partners with Dr. Callow to have your implants placed. Following a healing period, Dr. Callow will place your restoration.

With mini dental implants, the healing period is usually minimal. However, health conditions such as diabetes and some autoimmune disorders can affect your healing time. Dr. Callow will thoroughly discuss what you can expect during your consultation.

Get Started

Your road to having strong, natural, comfortable and durable replacement teeth begins by talking with Dr. Douglas Callow, D.D.S. Schedule your free implant consultation by calling Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI at 734-404-7336.

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