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Cosmetic Dentistry 3 at Douglas A. Callow, DDS Office in Plymouth, MI

Imagine it’s a warm, sunny day. You are out on the lake, at the park, or just in someone’s backyard enjoying the nice weather.
Your family and friends are nearby, along with some delicious food. You can’t help smiling, which is something you might not have done in the recent past.
Thanks to a little cosmetic dentistry at the office of Douglas A. Callow, DDS, you have confidence that your teeth look great. You don’t worry about letting other people see your teeth, whether you are chatting over some chilled drinks or posting a picture on social media.
The summer is a great time to give your smile a boost. If you want to upgrade the appearance of your teeth, call 734-404-7336 today to schedule a consultation at our office in Plymouth, MI.

Know Your Options

You have several cosmetic options at our practice. Depending on your goals, you may be able to use one service or a combination of services to upgrade your smile. This can give you a confidence boost as well, which can pay off in ways you may not realize.
Think about how you could change your smile with these treatments:
Dental Veneers — Veneers are one of our most popular cosmetic treatments. There are multiple reasons for that. They are durable, so you can keep your new smile for years. They work quickly; you could have a new smile in a matter of weeks. And they are versatile, treating multiple issues at the same time.
Veneers work by concealing flaws in your smile. Veneers can be used for individual teeth or your entire smile. With veneers, your teeth can look whiter and brighter. You can have a straight smile with no gaps between your teeth. You also can repair broken, chipped, cracked, and worn-down teeth.
Professional Teeth Whitening — You’ve seen the whitening toothpaste in stores. You’ve probably seen whitening gels, whitening strips, and whitening rinses as well. Some of these can remove some of the stains from your smile. Based on the number of patients who come to see us after they have tried these products, it’s pretty clear they are not as effective as professional whitening.
At our practice, you can still enjoy the convenience of whitening your smile at home with our Venus White kits. After you receive custom-made whitening trays, you will receive our professional-strength gel and instructions on how to use it. With our different options, you could whiten your teeth in a matter of teeth while watching television or while you sleep.
Tooth Contouring & Crown Lengthening — These services are both ways to alter the shape of individual teeth, which can make a bigger difference than you may realize. A large tooth can be a distraction for other people and a source of self-consciousness for you. Through contouring, we can reshape your misshapen or oversized teeth. Removing excess enamel can give your smile a more uniform appearance.
To deal with the opposite issue, crown lengthening is a good way to make teeth appear bigger. The name of this treatment is something of a misnomer. What we actually do is remove some gum tissue. This exposes more of your tooth and redefines the gumline. That allows your “short” teeth to match the size of the rest of your smile.
Invisalign — Orthodontic care has helped people treat a number of problems for decades. Crooked smiles can make you feel hesitant to show your teeth. Invisalign is a discreet way to correct those concerns. The clear aligners are practically invisible when compared to traditional braces.
Even so, the aligners can fix teeth that are unevenly spaced, crowded, or have bite issues (such as overbites and underbites).
If you are interested in a single service or complete smile makeover, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Callow soon. You could have a new and improved smile!

Come To Us For Your Cosmetic Care

Every member of our team understands that changing your smile is a big decision. It’s why we want to work with you to find the solution that will work for you and your goals.
Your budget and your lifestyle are important factors to take into consideration. We offer flexible payment options. We also want your treatment to work with your daily life as much as possible.
By coming to our office in Plymouth, MI, you will be treated by a doctor with 35 years of dental experience. Dr. Callow has completed extensive cosmetic training. In his career, he’s helped more people than we can count create the smiles of their dreams. You could be the next one!
Plus, your comfort is an integral part of our process. If you have any anxiety related to dental care, know that we offer a variety of comfort options to help you relax during your appointments.
When you arrive, you can take advantage of our free Wi-Fi while you wait. When you get back to your exam room, we can offer you a pillow and blankets, so you can feel as cozy as you can. If you prefer a distraction to the sounds of dental care being done, just ask to borrow some headphones.
If you want additional assurance that you will remain pain-free, ask about our sedation dentistry. With laughing gas (or inhaled sedation), you can be in a euphoric state that keeps you pain- and worry-free.

Choose Your Own Smile

If you are unhappy with your smile, you have the power to change it. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, which is why you can feel good about transforming the appearance of your teeth. You can have a natural-looking smile that gives you confidence at that same time.
To discover how things can happen for you, make plans to visit us. Call our Plymouth, MI dentist’s office today at 734-404-7336 or fill out our online form to make an appointment at Douglas A. Callow, DDS.

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