Get An Athletic Mouthguard Before Summer Ends! [BLOG]

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Every athlete knows going into a sports season that there’s a certain amount of risk involved.

So you take precautions with all sorts of athletic gear to protect yourself against injury, and in the end, the risks are worth the various rewards of participating in a sport.

Just don’t forget that your smile is important, too, and it deserves the best protection while you’re hard at play!

That’s why you should come to Douglas A. Callow, DDS for an athletic mouthguard before summer ends so you’re ready for fall sports. We will make sure it fits properly so your teeth and gums are safe, and we can even customize it to match your team colors!

Safety Should Be A Top Priority!

Many athletes don’t like to wear mouthguards because, let’s face it, they can be really uncomfortable and even distracting. This not only puts your safety at risk, but it can have a negative impact on your performance as an athlete.

But none of this is a problem if you rely on your dentist to create your mouthguard. With exact measurements and dental impressions, we’re able to provide the perfect fit so your mouthguard feels secure and comfortable and allows you to breathe and move easily.

Even more importantly, it also results in better protection for your teeth, gums, jaw, and head.

Athletic Mouthguards Should Come From A Dentist!

Here’s what you can expect from a custom athletic mouthguard provided by a dentist that you can’t find from a mass-produced guard from a store:


Even if you buy a boil-and-bite guard from the store, you’re still not going to get a fit that comes close to the custom and quality you get with a mouthguard from your dentist.

We take precise measurements of your mouth so it fits snugly and comfortably over your teeth for full protection.


If something you’re wearing doesn’t fit properly, it’s not going to be comfortable.

That’s why a mouthguard that comes from your Plymouth dentist is going to feel better. It will fit without sliding around in your mouth, which means you’re more likely to wear it when it matters most.


To play at peak performance, you need high-quality gear and equipment that’s suited to your size.

A mouthguard that’s made especially for you will help you take care of business on the court or field without having to worry about injury to your teeth and gums. That’s why it’s a better choice! The customization ensures better performance, from the mouthguard itself, and from you as an athlete!

Call Now For An Appointment!

Don’t let the last few weeks of summer go by without preparing for a new sports season.

Visit your Plymouth dentist for a custom athletic mouthguard and keep your smile safe!

Call Douglas A. Callow, DDS at 734-404-7336 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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