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Are drugstore teeth whitening programs the best idea for your teeth? At Douglas A. Callow D.D.S. in Plymouth, MI, the answer is: Almost certainly not.

If you stroll down the toothpaste aisle at your pharmacy or grocery store, you’ll be amazed at the number of over-the-counter teeth whitening products and programs. There’s a good reason for that – everybody would like bright, white teeth, and where there’s demand, there will be products to meet that demand.

As well, drugstore products are pretty reasonable in price, so it just makes sense that people would be drawn to them. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are the ones who really benefit.

What’s In Those Drugstore Products?

It might surprise you to learn that teeth whitening products are considered to be cosmetic. That means they don’t have to go through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.

Now, manufacturers know that people don’t always use their products the way they’re intended to be used. That’s why the level of whitening agents in over-the-counter products is far lower than what you can get from professional teeth whitening.

That’s not to say that you can’t get whiter teeth, just that you teeth won’t be as white as they could be. Using those products for longer periods of time or more often than recommended can actually harm your tooth enamel! That’s the last thing you want.

Get Safe And Effective Professional Teeth Whitening

At Douglas A. Callow D.D.S. in Plymouth, MI, we provide our patients with Venus White teeth whitening products. These professional-strength whitening agents are safe and much more effective than drugstore products – up to eight shades whiter!

One of the potential issues with teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Dr. Callow offers several different formulations of Venus White products for your comfort. We’ll be happy to advise you on the formulation that’s just right for you.

There are other advantages to choosing Venus White over drugstore products:

  • We take impressions of your teeth to allow to create whitening trays that fit you perfectly. You get the maximum benefit of each whitening session without the mess.
  • You can confidently choose to whiten at night; with drugstore products, there’s the danger of over-whitening while you sleep.
  • We stand behind our products and we’re happy to answer questions. Who would you rather talk to about your teeth – dental professionals or call-center temporary hires?

Special Offer For New Patients!

Our initial exams are extremely thorough and include dental cleaning, digital X-rays, and a thorough examination. When you have an initial exam at our usual rate, we’ll also provide a complimentary Venus White take-home whitening treatment with trays customized specifically for you. Please note: we may recommend that you have treatment for dental issues before you whiten your teeth.

Get the whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted! Call Douglas A. Callow, DDS at 734-219-6974. Or use our online form to book your appointment. We’re at 9357 General Drive in Plymouth, MI, just off Ann Arbor Road.


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