Invest In Your Smile With Dental Veneers (video)

Same Day Smile 1 at Douglas A. Callow, DDS Office in Plymouth, MI

Phillip had braces when he was younger, but that didn’t correct all the issues he’s had with his teeth. In time, he decided to get dental veneers from our Plymouth, MI dental office.

How does he feel about his smile today?

“I wish I would have spent this money a long time ago. It was the best money I ever spent,” Phillip says in the video below.

Veneers are one of the fastest and most effective ways to upgrade your smile. Douglas A. Callow, DDS, would be happy to answer your questions about this or any of our other cosmetic services. All you need to do is make an appointment to visit us.

You can contact us online or call 734-404-7336.

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