Invisalign in Plymouth, MI For Discreetly Fixing Smiles [Blog]

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When you think of orthodontics, chances are you think about metal braces. These have been used for many decades to correct crooked and misaligned teeth. If you have this problem, you’re probably not looking forward to braces. You might even resign yourself to having a smile that’s a bit embarrassing.

Thankfully, you can get Invisalign in Plymouth, MI for a nearly invisible treatment that gives you the straight, aligned smile you deserve. Call Dr. Callow today at 734-404-7336 to make your initial consultation for this discreet orthodontic treatment so you can start enjoying straight, even teeth.

Learn the Invisalign Benefits

Getting straight teeth you can be proud of is one of the best benefits to this treatment. But Invisalign offers benefits that other orthodontic treatments do not:

  • Almost invisible when worn: No adult wants to smile and show metal and wires! This treatment is made from smooth, clear plastic. When worn, they are practically impossible to notice.
  • Faster results: Traditional orthodontics can take 2-3 years before they are finished. Invisalign is modern, so you can be complete in as little as one year. That’s another reason why this is discreet; you don’t need to use them nearly as long.
  • Removable aligners: The clear plastic aligners you wear over your teeth are completely removable. That means it’s easier on your mouth, but it also means you can take them out whenever you want for photos, important meetings, and more.

And your Invisalign clear plastic aligners will be customized to fit your teeth in particular. No two smiles are ever the same, so you deserve a treatment that isn’t the same. After taking careful measurements, you’ll receive a set of aligners you wear over your teeth. They are made from clear, smooth plastic, so they will also feel much more comfortable compared to metal braces.

Get a Healthier, Straighter Smile

Few people are born with straight teeth. Between losing baby teeth and growing up in general, people’s smiles tend to have teeth that are crooked or turned around a bit. That causes two problems.

1) It’s unhealthy. Crooked teeth are more likely to get cavities, and they can wear down the enamel (on it and nearby teeth) because they grind against your other teeth.

2) It’s embarrassing. Since so many people get braces as a teen, people expect to see straight smiles in adults. It can be very embarrassing to smile and show off a crooked tooth.

That’s why getting Invisalign in Plymouth, MI is so important. You can make your smile healthier and feel confident when you smile.

Invisalign is not just for adults! Teens often get orthodontic work. That’s because, by that age, the teeth have mostly stopped moving naturally. Then it’s time to realign them so the smile is beautiful and healthy. But there’s no reason to stick with metal braces anymore, not when Invisalign can help their smiles too. Besides, what teen wants to go through high school with silvery metal in their mouth?

Call our office today at 734-404-7336 or use our online form. Crooked teeth will only get worse over time, so get a healthier, straighter smile as soon as you can.


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