It’s Possible To Overcome Dental Anxiety

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For John*, the problems started when he was much, much younger.

His old dentist wasn’t exactly friendly. In fact, his old dentist could be downright mean. When John developed a cavity (like more than 90 percent of people in the United States), his old dentist made him feel bad.

This old dentist wasn’t exactly gentle in his approaching to treating the cavity either. The drill was loud and scary. He fixed John’s problem, but he left him with a case of dental anxiety.

It took decades for John to finally see another dentist again. He’s glad that he found one who cares about his comfort as well as his oral health.

For Douglas A. Callow, DDS, and the rest of our dental professionals, we will do everything we can to help you feel relaxed and comfortable, so you can get the treatment you need. Plan to visit our Plymouth, MI dentist office soon.

Make It Easier

John’s anxiety was two-fold. First, he was worried that all dentists would react to problems he was having in the same judgmental way as his childhood dentist. Second, he was worried that any treatment he received — from a cleaning to a root canal — would be painful. It might even be more painful than the problem he was experiencing. At least, those were the thoughts that lived in John’s mind.

Even so, John understood that routine dental care is beneficial. That didn’t make it any easier for him to make an appointment, but he did. And he was surprised when he came to our office.

First and foremost, he was happy to learn that our team of dental professionals listened to his concerns. He discovered that we have invested in technology to make dental treatments more comfortable as well. One example of this is our ultrasonic scaler, which came in handy for removing plaque during his initial visit.

When John said he was a little chilly, he was offered a blanket to stay cozy. He also took advantage of a pillow to use during his checkup.

Unfortunately for John, we discovered that he had a few cavities and early gum disease. We explained that we could do his treatment painlessly with the help of sedation dentistry.

Choose A Pain-Free Approach

Through sedation dentistry, you can remain calm and relaxed during your dental procedure. Inhaled sedation (which you may know as laughing gas) is safe and effective for kids and for adults, like John.

By simply breathing in the gas, John was able to relax to get the treatment that he needed, including a filling. He was happy that he did not feel anything as we restored his tooth. The gas also allowed him to get his gum disease treatment completed painlessly as well.

John’s big worry was that he would need a root canal. He didn’t, but if he had, he could have taken advantage of our medication option. This lasts longer and is a little stronger than laughing gas.

How Can We Help You

John in today’s post is not a real person. However, we have met and treated many people with similar stories. Bad dental experiences can lead to a lifetime of dental anxiety. We want to help change that, so you can have the healthiest mouth possible.

Call Douglas A. Callow, DDS today at 734-404-7336 or fill out our online form to learn how our patient-first approach could work for you.

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