One Diabetic Patient’s Journey to a Healthy Mouth [Blog]

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Diabetes Awareness Month is a big deal in our office because we have patients who are balancing their oral health and their overall health each and every day. Patients who realize that you cannot be truly healthy if you don’t have a healthy mouth.

Evidence supports this idea. Even the American Diabetes Association will tell you that one of the keys to controlling this disease is by controlling your oral health.

Today, we’d love to tell you the story of a patient who did just that. To use the old cliché, she was sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. Let’s listen to her story, and see if you can relate!

A Normal Life Disrupted by Diabetes

Susan grew up on a farm in the midwest during the 50s and 60s. She was well-educated, happily married, and the proud mother of four children. She raised her family on a farm where they ate off of the land. Weight was always an issue for Susan, and at one point, her doctor let her know that she had developed Type 2 diabetes.

The news caused an immediate change of behavior for Susan. She changed her diet to remove empty carbohydrates and sugars. She loved watching college sports, but began watching them while walking on the treadmill instead of in her recliner. People who saw Susan saw the immediate differences in her appearance and applauded her. Her numbers began to improve, but they were still not great.

Her doctor recommended visiting the dentist. Susan had a long history of avoiding the dentist. She was not necessarily scared, but it was just never a priority in the budget or in her mind as she raised her children and cared for her home. Following her doctor’s advice, Susan arrived at the dentist office filled with apprehension.

The dentist confirmed what Susan had feared: rampant gum disease following years of neglect. They sat down together and developed a plan to work through the quadrants of her mouth and get rid of the infection once and for all.

Over the course of two years, Susan visited her dentist every three months for deep, periodontal cleanings. Following the advice of her dentist, Susan invested in a water flosser and began using it each day. As the months passed, Susan noticed something amazing. Not only was her gum health report improving, but her blood glucose testing was improving as well. Both her general care physician and her dentist were celebrating with her!

At her last visit, Susan was told that her gum infection was basically gone. Now, she is working to maintain her oral health routines so that she can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile and body. Her last doctor visit was excellent as well! In addition to changing her diet and exercise routine, Susan needed to address her oral health before she saw real change in her overall health.

Living with diabetes is not simple, and there are no shortcuts to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. It takes a lot of work, and as Susan found, sometimes you find relief in the most unexpected ways.

Let us help you discover overall health right here at Douglas A. Callos, DDS. Our Plymouth, MI dentist office is ready and willing to help you overcome gum disease and fight back against diabetes. Call 734-404-7336 now!   

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