Am I A Good Candidate For Implant Dentures? [Quiz]

Dental implants are almost a modern miracle in dentistry. Implants used to replace only one tooth, but today, they can replace an entire mouth of teeth! Callow Family Dentistry works closely with an oral surgeon to provide implant dentures for people missing all their teeth or who want an alternative to traditional dentures. They can stabilize replacement teeth and let you speak and eat without ...

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Dale L. Talks About His Dental Emergency [Video]

Dale L. wasn’t yet a patient when he called Douglas A. Callow D.D.S. due to severe pain and facial swelling. Dr. Callow went above and beyond to help Dale with his emergency situation. Watch Dale talk about what truly responsive emergency dental care looks like. Dental emergencies are true emergencies. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, jaw pain, facial swelling, or a broken tooth, you ...

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Dental Anxiety Is Real. We Can Help.

Dental anxiety is something that affects nearly 1 in 3 Americans, according to some studies. Feeling anxious when facing a dental appointment isn’t a matter of character or willpower. At Douglas Callow D.D.S, we understand dental anxiety and we don’t judge – we help. The Roots Of Dental Anxiety Anxiety is basically being aware of two things: you don’t know what’s going to happen, and ...

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Tooth-Friendly Summer Snacks For Your Family [Infographic]

With the kids home this summer, they’re sure to be raiding the pantry and fridge between all their activities and leisure time. Let Callow Family Dentistry help you choose healthy, tooth-friendly summer snacks for your whole crew! Most times, foods that are healthy for your body are healthy for your mouth, and vice versa. Take a minute to check out our infographic that provides easy, ...

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Invisalign Is The Painless, Comfortable Solution to Moving Teeth

For many adults, having teeth that aren’t as straight as they’d like is a handicap. Studies show that a beautiful smile is an asset both occupationally and socially. If you’re one of those people who feel held back by your smile, get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted with Invisalign® from Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI. Why Adults Don’t Want Braces Traditional dental ...

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Why Anna Loves Her Dental Veneers [Video]

Anna L. had invested in the beauty of her smile, but she was still unhappy with the results. She chose to consult Dr. Doug Callow in Plymouth, MI about perfecting her smile. With the addition of two dental veneers, Dr. Callow gave her the smile she’d always dreamed of.  Learn about Anna's life-changing results and why she’s now confident about her smile. And when you’re ready to perfect ...

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Dental Crowns Offer Protection, Function & Beauty

When you think about it, teeth are pretty remarkable things. Your adult teeth are designed to allow you to eat multiple times a day, every day, for decades. They resist wear and tear (the daily grind, so to speak), and with care should last for your entire adult life. But bad things do happen to good teeth, and often the solution for damaged teeth is dental crowns. About Dental Crowns A crown ...

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Healthy Gums Are Your Friends

You brush and floss carefully and thoroughly twice a day just like you should. But how much attention do you give your gums? It might surprise you to learn that gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in the United States. You can keep your gums pink, healthy, and happy with regular dental cleanings and examinations from Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI. What Causes Gum Disease? Our ...

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Smile Makeover Solves Complex Dental Problems [blog]

Even when you brush and floss regularly, bad things can happen to good teeth. If you have a variety of dental issues – broken or missing teeth, alignment problems, discolorations, and more – you can still get a great smile with a Smile Makeover from Callow Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MI. What is a Smile Makeover? A Smile Makeover combines procedures from a variety of dental disciplines ...

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Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign Clear Aligners? (Quiz)

If you’d like a straight smile, but aren’t sure the orthodontic end will justify the means, maybe Invisalign clear aligners are for you. You’ll get a beautifully straight smile but without metal wires and brackets. Invisalign clear aligners are made of smooth, comfortable plastic. No one will even know you’re straightening your teeth! Even better, the aligners are removable. You can ...

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