Stop Pain with a Root Canal

        If you are like lots of people, those two words — root canal — fill you with a feeling of dread. This essential dental procedure has, for some reason, become synonymous with a painful or torturous experience. The reality is quite different. If you have an infected or abscessed tooth, a root canal may be necessary to stop the infection, save your ...

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Get That Showbiz Smile with Dental Veneers

If you tuned into the Academy Awards on March 4th like we did, you may have been dazzled by all the celebrities in their exquisite gowns, the heartfelt speeches, the golden statuettes. It’s always a night of glamour and a fascinating glimpse into Hollywood life. And perhaps you took notice of something else: with a few notable exceptions (we’re looking at you, Steve Buscemi and Ricky ...

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The Rewarding Side of Dentistry [video]

Today, March 6th, is National Dentist’s Day! Dentistry is about more than keeping your teeth and gums healthier and looking great. It’s also about restoring the confidence to smile and interact easily with other people. Indeed, improving your smile can truly change your life. In this video, Dr. Callow discusses what, to him, is the most rewarding aspect of practicing dentistry. ...

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Hooray for our Dental Assistants! [video]

March 4th kicks off Dental Assistants Recognition Week, and we’d like to give a well-deserved “thank you” to these hardworking and indispensable members of our dental team. Ronda, Autumn, and Lanicia assist Dr. Callow, help make procedures go smoothly, and provide comfort and support to you, our patients. In this video, the doctor discusses his  staff, including the dedicated dental ...

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

No one wants to be in that position. You are just living your life, then bam! A tooth is broken — or knocked out altogether — or you are in sudden and unexpected pain. A  dental emergency  can be a frightening and painful situation. However, while we can’t help you avoid every emergency with your teeth and gums, we can help you be prepared in case one does occur. That will help you be ...

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This Mom Trusts Her Family’s Dental Health To Us! [VIDEO]

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, so we thought it was the perfect time to let you hear from Katie. Katie is a mother who has to deal with the backlash from her daughters if she dares visit us at Callow Family Dentistry without them! That’s because ours is a fun, kid-friendly environment that offers high-quality family dentistry. Hear more about why Katie only brings her ...

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Get Your Smile Ready For Your Special Spring Events [BLOG]

It’s hard to believe we’re on the verge of spring! Did we just celebrate the holidays?! No time to look back, though. Our team at Callow Family Dentistry needs to get your smile ready for spring with our cosmetic dentistry options. We know how rough winters can be here in Plymouth, MI. It’s not uncommon for the harsh temperatures to do a number on our appearance because of the ...

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Thanks To Veneers, Vicki No Longer Hides Her Smile! [VIDEO]

Vicki spent nearly all her life feeling ashamed of her teeth enough to always hide her smile. But once she came to Dr. Callow at Callow Family Dentistry, her life began to change. We’re sharing Vicki’s story with you today so you can hear for yourself about the life-changing power of veneers in our Plymouth, MI dental office! To book a consultation for dental veneers with Dr. ...

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Spilling Secret Perks Of Invisalign [BLOG]

Too often, adults who wish they could do something about their crooked teeth feel like that chance passed them by long ago. That’s because for so many years, your only choice would’ve been metal braces, and what adult out there really wants to look like they’re back in grade school for the next couple of years? Probably not many! Invisalign at Callow Family Dentistry has given adults ...

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Do You Need A Dental Crown? [QUIZ]

Dental crowns are the unsung heroes of dentistry! That’s because in our Plymouth, MI dental office, we rely on them for a wide variety of problems that threaten your teeth and your smile. From large cavities to missing teeth, you wouldn’t believe how much dental crowns can do. Think a crown could save your smile? Take today’s quiz and find out! For an appointment at Callow ...

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