Teach Your Child to Brush Right [video]

It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, a time that reminds us to take a careful look at how we’re teaching our kids to care for their teeth and gums. That includes regular dental visits  and good oral hygiene at home, including proper toothbrushing technique. Watch this video from the American Dental Association for ideas on teaching your kids how to brush properly so their ...

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Spotlight on Children’s Dentistry

In recognition of the American Dental Association’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’d like to discuss children’s dentistry, what it means, and why it is important. Excellent oral care from a young age teaches kids the habits that will last their entire lives. And good dental habits result in healthy, natural smiles with minimal restorative procedures required. At Douglas ...

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Dentistry without Anxiety [infographic]

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are far from alone. Millions of Americans suffer from this debilitating fear, which can prevent you from seeking critical oral health care. At Douglas A. Callow, DDS, we strive to not only provide top-notch dental care. Our practice is designed to make all of our patients — children and adults — feel at ease. For dentistry without dental anxiety in ...

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A Perfect Smile with Dental Veneers [video]

After investing a lot of time and money in braces, Anna was frustrated that her teeth weren’t quite as beautiful as they should have been. She still had a slight gap and discoloration in her front teeth. Dr. Callow recommended two  dental veneers  to give her the perfect, finished smile she craved. Finally, “they’re white and the same color and straight and I’m really happy with ...

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Learn to Love Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

        As Valentine’s Day approaches, fall in love all over again. With your smile, that is. If your teeth have become dingy, chipped, yellowed, or just worn down over the years, chances are you’ve long lost that loving feeling. At Douglas A. Callow, DDS, we can help you get it back. We offer a comprehensive menu of cosmetic dentistry techniques that will ...

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Ways To Avoid A Root Canal (& And Feel Better If You Can’t!) [BLOG]

One of the biggest misconceptions about dental treatment involves the widely feared root canal. Maybe this made sense decades ago, when technology and sedation dentistry weren’t as advanced, root canals had a well-deserved negative reputation. But dentistry has come too far to allow that reputation to continue! At Callow Family Dentistry, we perform root canal treatments all the time ...

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Put Cosmetic Dentistry On Your Resolution List! [BLOG]

Great news! It’s never too late to put cosmetic dentistry from Callow Family Dentistry on your list of New Year’s resolutions! Today, we’re talking about how to get a smile you’ll love this year with various treatments in our Plymouth, MI dental office. Cosmetic Dentistry Is A Great Resolution! Obviously, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are immediately noticeable because of how great ...

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Let Us Fill The Gaps In Your Smile! [PHOTO]

Large, empty spaces between your teeth can be an embarrassing problem. It doesn’t matter what caused it, our team at Callow Family Dentistry can help! We don’t want you to have to walk around with an incomplete smile while you wait for a solution. We do all we can to fill the unsightly gaps in your smile so you can smile confidently and eat comfortably. Just like we did for the patient ...

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Is Dental Fear Controlling Your Oral Health? [QUIZ]

Dental anxiety is a powerful fear that could be keeping you from having a healthy, beautiful smile. Worse, it could be completely controlling your oral health, which carries even greater consequences to your well-being. Find out if dental fear is controlling you by answering a few questions in today’s quiz. Then reach out to a dentist who cares about your feelings and your comfort. ...

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Improve Your Oral Health & Your Smile [PHOTO]

You have a brand new year ahead of you, and that means lots of opportunities to share special moments with people you care about. Is your smile ready? At Callow Family Dentistry, we can help turn your smile around and improve your oral health with restorative and cosmetic treatments. Just like we did for the patient in today’s before and after image! Find out how we can help your ...

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