How Dental Crown Treatments In Plymouth, MI Can Save Your Teeth [Quiz]

Everyone deserves to have a smile full of strong, healthy teeth. But over time, it’s easy for teeth to collect damage and similar problems. Whether it’s a large cavity or an infection, it weakens your teeth and could require a tooth extraction if not repaired. Thankfully, you can call Douglas A. Callow, D.D.S. today at 734-404-7336 and get a dental crown treatment. This can repair the damage and ...

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Smile And Chew Normally Again With Dentures In Plymouth, MI [Video]

Sadly, there are times when you have several teeth that are too damaged to save. Whether it’s from infections, sports injuries, or just the passage of time, you can’t just leave them there. But what will you do when they come out? You can smile and chew normally afterwards thanks to dentures in Plymouth, MI. Thanks to the calming nature of Dr. Callow and his advanced training, your ...

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Do You Have Any Of These Gum Disease Signs In Michigan? [Blog]

Most people have a filling or dental crown to fix a cavity. That’s because tooth decay is the biggest dental health issue in the US. But a close second is a problem many people don’t worry enough about: gum disease. This is when bacteria (and the plaque they create) irritate, damage, and then infect your gum tissues. If left untreated, gum disease can become a serious health problem. ...

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Replace Missing Teeth With A Dental Implant Procedure [Video]

No matter if you are missing just one tooth or many, your smile suffers. It can be hard to eat certain foods, talk normally, and feel confident. You can even feel like hiding your smile, and no one should feel that way. By calling Dr. Callow today at 734-404-7336 or contacting us through our online form, you can replace missing teeth with a dental implant procedure. These look and feel just like ...

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A Custom Sports Mouthguard Protects You Better [Infographic]

You need to stay active. Not only does it keep you healthy, it’s fun! But some sports have a risk of injury, and that includes your smile. Just think of the stereotypical hockey player and missing teeth. If you are active in sports or even cycling, you need a custom sports mouthguard. Store-bought versions are often uncomfortable, but because they don’t fit exactly, they can slide around ...

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Love Your Smile Again With Cosmetic Dentistry Choices [Blog]

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people’s thoughts are turning to love. But take a moment and ask yourself if you love your smile. After so many years of drinking coffee, being active, and eating treats, your teeth might look a bit worse for the wear. No one wants a smile full of stained, cracked, or missing teeth. By calling Dr. Callow today at 734-404-7336, you can fall in love with ...

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Relieve Your Dental Anxiety With Sedation Options [Video]

When you have dental anxiety, it can be hard getting the care you need. You don’t want to get any cavities (or something worse), but the worries about visiting a dentist can be overwhelming. But unless you get the treatments needed for healthy teeth and gums, any problems you have will only get worse. Thankfully, you can call our Plymouth, MI dental office at 734-404-7336 and choose from some ...

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Tips For Dental Health During Cold And Flu Season In Plymouth, MI [Blog]

According to the CDC, February is the toughest month for the cold and flu season. This is when things peak — and when more people catch something. But even if you are feeling unwell, you still need to take care of your teeth and gums. That’s why you need to call Douglas A. Callow, D.D.S. today at 734-404-7336 and make a new appointment. Dr. Callow has been practicing right here in Michigan since ...

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Do You Have These TMJ Disorder Symptoms? [Blog]

If you think the only dental problem to worry about is a cavity, think again. Besides gum disease, you also need to worry about your jaw and its joints. After all, you only use your teeth when you use your jaw. So when you start to experience jaw discomfort or difficulty opening your mouth, you need to call our Plymouth, MI office at 734-404-7336 so Dr. Callow can determine if you are experiencing any TMJ ...

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For A Bright Smile, You Need Professional Teeth Whitening [Photo]

You know the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, that’s definitely true. They have weaker whitening agents so it can be legally sold without a prescription. That means your results can be less than impressive. But by calling Douglas A. Callow, D.D.S. today at 734-404-7336, you can make an appointment for professional teeth whitening. ...

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