A Great Reason To Get A Dental Cleaning (video)

Steve understands that we check for more than cavities during dental cleanings and exams at our office in Plymouth, MI dental. In the video, below, he shares how a routine visit with our own Douglas A. Callow, DDS, led to a cancer diagnosis. “He’s going to make sure he does the best he can to maintain our health and that just doesn’t include just the teeth,” Steve said. April is Oral ...

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Dental Crowns Correct Tooth Problems (infographic)

It’s just one tooth, but it’s still a problem. You may have a break, a crack, a cavity, or a number of other issues. Any one of them can affect you in a negative way. And you can fix those issues by getting a dental crown. Modern ceramic crowns look natural, and they have the durability to restore the function of your teeth as well. If you want to smile with confidence and eat the foods ...

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Invest In Your Smile With Dental Veneers (video)

Phillip had braces when he was younger, but that didn’t correct all the issues he’s had with his teeth. In time, he decided to get dental veneers from our Plymouth, MI dental office. How does he feel about his smile today? “I wish I would have spent this money a long time ago. It was the best money I ever spent,” Phillip says in the video below. Veneers are one of the fastest and ...

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Smile Again With Professional Teeth Whitening

Your pearly whites have lost some of their shine over the years. You don’t know when it happened. You do know that you are more self-conscious about smiling now that you are aware of the stains on your smile. You don’t like feeling like you should hide your smile … and you don’t need to. You can visit Douglas A. Callow, DDS, instead. At our Plymouth, MI dental office, you can ...

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How Plaque Leads To Cavities And Gum Disease | Plymouth, MI [Video]

You may have heard of plaque, but why is it so bad? As this short video explains, plaque starts out as a home for harmful bacteria. These secrete an acid that creates cavities. Eventually, it hardens and becomes tartar, which leads to gum disease. To help avoid cavities and gum disease, you need to brush, floss, and call our Plymouth, MI dental office at 734-404-7336 for a new appointment. As a member ...

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Did You Know These Foods Can Hurt Your Smile? | Plymouth, MI [Quiz]

You brush and floss regularly because you have to keep your teeth safe from foods and drinks. But not all of these are made the same. Some stuff (soda, juice, candy) you know can hurt your family’s smiles. But did you know even diet soda and pickles can damage enamel? Call our Plymouth, MI dental office today at 734-404-7336 to schedule your next visit for a dental cleaning and exam. While it may ...

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Protecting Your Family’s Smiles From Easter Traditions | Plymouth, MI [Blog]

The holidays are full of great traditions like gathering with family to enjoy a big meal together. Sometimes, this is the only time of year you can get together like this. But just because something happens each Easter doesn’t mean it’s a healthy tradition. Given all the candy and food that gets eaten, Easter can be a rough time on your family’s teeth. Call Douglas A. Callow, DDS today ...

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Avoid Surgery And Replace Lost Teeth With Dental Bridges | Plymouth, MI [Video]

No matter what happened to knock some teeth out, you need them replaced. Your smile looks worse with a big gap between teeth, but it also gets in the way when you eat. Your other teeth will also grow crooked. But if you’re worried about needing surgery to fix this problem, you’re not alone. Call our Plymouth, MI dentist’s office today at 734-404-7336 and make an appointment to get a dental ...

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Preserve Your Smile In Plymouth, MI With Restorative Dentistry Treatments [Blog]

When you have nice things, you know to take care of them through regular maintenance. That’s true for your smile, which is why you need to brush and floss every day. By keeping your teeth and gums clean, you can help keep both healthy. But the world is not perfect. Between wear-and-tear, accidents, or injuries, you could have some damage. From a chipped tooth to common cavities, you need ...

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Easing Dental Anxiety With Sedation And More | Plymouth, MI [Blog]

There are things you want to do, and there are things you have to do. But there are also things in between where you must get them done but you don’t mind. That’s usually where going to the dentist can be found. It’s not something you get super excited about, but it’s also not anything you fear. Or is it? Many people in Michigan have some amount of dental phobia and anxiety. That’s ...

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