Put Cosmetic Dentistry On Your Resolution List! [BLOG]

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Great news! It’s never too late to put cosmetic dentistry from Callow Family Dentistry on your list of New Year’s resolutions! Today, we’re talking about how to get a smile you’ll love this year with various treatments in our Plymouth, MI dental office.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is A Great Resolution!

Obviously, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are immediately noticeable because of how great it makes your smile look.

But you have more reasons to make cosmetic dentistry one of your resolutions for the new year!

A beautiful smile can:

-Boost your confidence

-Help you make great first impressions

-Send a message that you’re capable and confident

-Attract positive attention to you on a social and romantic level!

Now, it’s time to discover what type of cosmetic treatment can help give you the smile you’ve been wishing for!

Get A Whiter, More Youthful Smile!

Have any special events coming up that demand you look your best? Maybe a wedding, reunion, or job interview?

Whatever your plans for 2018, you can easily look younger and feel more confident by removing dark stains that dull your smile.

With our well-respected Venus White system, you can take home custom-made trays and professional strength gel to whitening your teeth at your own convenience!

Smooth Rough Edges With Tooth Contouring!

If you’re unhappy with the inconsistent shape of your teeth, we have the cosmetic solution!

Tooth contouring is a great way to smooth out rough edges and reshape your teeth so your smile looks more even and balanced.

That way you no longer have to feel insecure about one or two teeth that stand out amongst the rest because of their disproportionate size or shape.

Glam Up Your Smile With Veneers!

No dental treatment is quite as versatile as custom veneers! There are so many flaws and imperfections they can hide, dental veneers are a multipurpose solution that can end up giving you an astonishing smile transformation.

It’s no wonder that Tinseltown producers have relied upon veneers since their infancy to make actors and actresses look amazing!

Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells crafted of delicate, but durable porcelain. They make miracles happen for your smile by masking damaged, misshapen, and stained teeth for a flawless, radiant smile.

With proper care, they can last for decades, protecting your teeth from more damage and resisting stains all the while!

Start All Over With A Smile Makeover!

We all know how it feels to want a fresh start. It’s something we can especially relate to this time of year when the holiday feasting is over and the pants feel a bit more snug as a result!

In the same way, you can feel overwhelmed by multiple smile problems you wish you could change. It’s tough to know where to begin, so much that a fresh start seems the most appropriate strategy to get the smile you want.

You can do just that at Callow Family Dentistry with a smile makeover!

Using a series of cosmetic treatments, we can address multiple issues with your teeth and gums so that when your final procedure is finished, your smile is completely transformed!

Schedule A Cosmetic Consult

Even if you’re not the kind of person who makes resolutions every January, having a smile that makes you look and feel great is always a worthy investment!

A bright, attractive, straight smile can benefit your life in a number of ways. It not only attracts positive attention, but it gives you the courage to try new things, to be more social, and to pursue your goals and dreams.

Our cosmetic team at Callow Family Dentistry knows how important it is for patients to feel like they can trust the professional in charge of their smile beautification treatment plan. That’s why we strive to stay abreast of the latest technology and techniques to give you the kind of cosmetic results you’ll be pleased with when all work is complete.

Time and again, the good people of Plymouth, MI turn to our specialists when they’re ready to finally put their smiles on the priority list!

To book a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Callow of Callow Family Dentistry, fill out our online form or call our Plymouth, MI dental office at 734-404-7336.


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