Smile Again With Professional Teeth Whitening

Gum Reshaping 1 at Douglas A. Callow, DDS Office in Plymouth, MI

Your pearly whites have lost some of their shine over the years.

You don’t know when it happened. You do know that you are more self-conscious about smiling now that you are aware of the stains on your smile. You don’t like feeling like you should hide your smile … and you don’t need to.

You can visit Douglas A. Callow, DDS, instead. At our Plymouth, MI dental office, you can receive professional teeth whitening to restore your bright, beautiful teeth.

This works better and faster than the whitening products you will find in stores. For the results you really want, call 734-404-7336 to schedule your appointment. Get your smile ready for summer!

Stains Happen To Most Of Us

Teeth whitening has been one of our most popular cosmetic services for a while. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your smile.

It also corrects a common issue that affects almost everyone. Stained teeth don’t happen overnight. It’s more typical for stains to develop slowly and gradually.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and wine are common culprits that cause those stains to form. Many — indeed most — foods that you eat add to those stains as well. A good guideline to remember is that if something can stain your shirt, then it will likely stain your smile, too.

We also want to make a special mention of tobacco products. Using tobacco will cause stains to form more quickly on your teeth. These stains also can be more difficult to remove.

You Can Clean Up Your Smile

You could try using the whitening products in stores, but we’ve had many patients come to us after trying those commercial options. The reason is that those commercial products just didn’t quite work as well as they thought they would.

Even the ones with trays often aren’t as effective because the trays don’t fit as well as they should. As a result, the whitening gel often doesn’t stay where it should.

That’s where our Venus White options are different. These are take-home whitening kits that you can wear while you are watching television or even while you sleep. In addition to giving you professional strength whitening gel, you also get a custom-fitted whitening tray.

These trays are molded to fit your teeth. This makes them much more likely to stay where they should so your whitening gel remains close to your teeth. These two factors are important differences between professional and commercial whitening products.

It’s also why you can get the results you really want to see in less time by coming to our office in Plymouth, MI.

Save Time & Your Teeth

Feeling confident about your smile can make a big difference in how you feel in everyday situations. When you aren’t worried about other people seeing your stained teeth, you feel more relaxed, whether you are sitting in a job interview, hanging out with your friends, or meeting someone on a date.

Let Dr. Callow and our team restore your pearly whites with professional teeth whitening. Call 734-404-7336 or contact us online to request an appointment.

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