Spilling Secret Perks Of Invisalign [BLOG]

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Too often, adults who wish they could do something about their crooked teeth feel like that chance passed them by long ago. That’s because for so many years, your only choice would’ve been metal braces, and what adult out there really wants to look like they’re back in grade school for the next couple of years?

Probably not many!

Invisalign at Callow Family Dentistry has given adults just like you renewed hope for getting the straight smile they’ve always wanted.

Today, we’re talking all about this revolutionary method for correcting a crooked smile. We’re also spilling some of the secrets about what makes Invisalign therapy such a great choice for adults.

You might be surprised to discover that the benefits of this treatment go far beyond just giving you a straighter, more beautiful smile!

Invisalign Is Changing The Braces Game!

Up until fairly recently, your only option for straightening crooked teeth has been standard metal brackets and wires.

That was until Invisalign came onto the scene. This is an orthodontic treatment that’s changed the braces game because it uses clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth into place.

They’re thin and custom-made to uniquely fit over your teeth. Every couple of weeks, you switch to the next tray in your series until all your teeth are beautifully aligned.

There are some perks to choosing this option for correcting a crooked smile, some that just might take you by surprise!

Secret Perks Of Invisalign

Here are some of the many benefits of using Invisalign treatment to get a straight smile:

*It’s Removable!

Common downsides of wearing metal braces is that you have to restrict your diet and then spend extra time cleaning your teeth. It’s really easy for some foods to cause harm to your braces and to get tangled up in the brackets and wires.

Since you can remove clear aligners, you can take them out for meals, eat whatever you want, and also remove them for easier brushing and flossing.

*It’s Discreet!

It’s not uncommon to see teenagers wearing traditional braces, especially since that’s the standard age when most people wear them. In that case, a mouth full of metal isn’t all that embarrassing.

But it’s quite the opposite for professional adults and college students. You’re likely one of the few people in your close circles getting orthodontic treatment, so metal braces aren’t ideal.

Invisalign is clear and nearly invisible. So unless you point it out, most people won’t even be able to tell!

*It’s Comfortable!

Although braces wearers do get used to the way they feel inside their mouth, it can still be uncomfortable.

Metal wires and brackets can scrape against the delicate soft tissues in your mouth.

Clear, smooth aligners, however, fit snugly over your teeth and feel comfortable against the inside of your cheeks and lips.

*It’s Fast!

Maybe you’ve let the time commitment required with braces keep you from pursuing orthodontics.

Adults especially find it hard to imagine wearing braces for two or three years!

You don’t have to with Invisalign. Most patients see a straight smile in a year or less!

*It Works!

Depending on your level of misalignment, you could be better suited for standard braces. Those are still widely-used to straighten teeth because they’re the best at correcting more complicated malocclusion problems.

But if clear aligners are the right solution for your smile, you’ll enjoy the same, satisfying cosmetic results as you get with braces.

You might have assumed that considering its various perks, this treatment wouldn’t be as effective as regular braces, but that’s not the case!

Schedule An Appointment

Dr. Callow has extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry, including Invisalign. He can guide you through the treatment process to see if it will work for you in your first consultation.

Did we mention that’s a risk-free, complimentary consultation?

Perhaps we should also mention that if it turns out you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment, we’ll take $300 off your total cost!

What do you have to lose… except for crooked teeth?!

To book your free Invisalign consultation with Dr. Callow, fill out and submit our online form or call our Plymouth, MI dental office at 734-404-7336.


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