Start Your New Year With A New Family Dentist In Plymouth, MI [Photo]

To those who are taking a quick online break on this holiday, we wish you a Merry Christmas! You may not start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions just yet, but they’re likely to include health and wellness. Maybe you plan to visit the gym more often. Maybe you got a new treadmill for Christmas and plan to commit to a healthier lifestyle. What about your family’s health, specifically their dental health? It might be a good time to look at a new family dentist in Plymouth, MI at the start of the new year.

Not only can Dr. Douglas Callow treat many ages, he can also perform just about any treatment you could need. That includes everything from biannual dental checkups to orthodontics to wisdom teeth removal.  If you’re looking for all your care under one roof, contact Callow Family Dentistry at 734-404-7336 soon. We’d love to welcome you to our dental family!

Athletic Mouthguards in Plymouth, MI at Douglas A. Callow, DDS

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