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A dental emergency can happen almost any time, and it can be traumatic and confusing even if you’re not the one with the problem. If you are having one, please call us at 734-404-7336 immediately. Same-day appointments are typically available, and Dr. Callow himself monitors after-hours calls for additional help.

But preparation is always a good idea, so here are some tips for handling urgent dental care needs for your whole family.

What To Do First

Again, call Dr. Callow as soon as possible. Don’t worry about whether it’s a “real” emergency or not. We would rather hear from you and help you get the care you need. Besides that, here are some tips for specific dental emergencies.

  • Lost Tooth: First, use sterile gauze to stop any bleeding. Then collect the tooth, gently rinse it, and put it in a small container with enough water or milk to cover it entirely. While there’s never a guarantee that it can be placed back where it belongs, this helps keep the tooth health in case that’s possible. And if the bleeding cannot be stopped, go to your nearest emergency room.
  • Loose Tooth (But It’s Still In Your Gums): Leave it alone as much as possible. Even a quick test to see how loose it is can be the pressure that makes it come out. Use sterile gauze to stop any bleeding, then make that phone call. Many teeth that are knocked loose by an accident can be saved.
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth: If you can find the broken part, carefully rinse it off and place it in a small container. Stop any bleeding as above, then call us even if you’re not experiencing any pain. Sometimes, a tooth gets very damaged inside without causing too much pain and still needs dental treatments.
  • Bad Toothache: Manage your pain by using non-aspirin pain relievers and cold packs (on the outside of your mouth). There are many causes of toothaches, even strong ones, so call our Plymouth, MI dentist office and explain what’s going on.
  • A Filling Or Dental Crown Fell Out: Collect what’s lost if you can. Most drug stores have something called dental cement that’s a safe, non-toxic temporary treatment. You can use it as a replacement for a filling or to bond your crown back on its tooth. But this only works for a couple of days, so you still need to call Dr. Callow.

Prepare A Dental Emergency Kit

One of the best ways for handling urgent dental care needs is to have a dental emergency kit already prepared. Use a small container and clearly label it “Dental Emergency Kit” just like a first-aid kit. Here’s what you want inside it:

  • Non-aspirin pain relievers
  • Plastic gloves
  • A small container with a tight lid
  • Dental cement (found in most drug stores)
  • Sterile gauze
  • Our address and phone number (in case a phone dies)

You also want to put our number in your phone under an easy-to-remember name like “Dental Emergency”. That phone call is very important, and you don’t want to lose precious time when you can just press a button.

Again, call us at 734-404-7336 at any time to get emergency help. Same-day appointments are often available.

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