Why Dentistry For Kids Is Needed [Blog]

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In the past, parents didn’t worry too much about their kids’ teeth. They would fall out eventually, so why worry about them?

Just because they are baby teeth doesn’t mean they don’t need proper care. All teeth can get cavities or gum infections that cause pain for your child. These can even make getting the new teeth problematic.

Before things get bad, call Douglas A. Callow, D.D.S. today at 734-404-7336 to make a dental appointment for your child. Dr. Callow is a kid-friendly dentist and can help children as young as two years old. And yes, dentistry for kids is very needed.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth

When it comes to your kids’ dental health, there are two things to worry about:

  1. Making sure your child enjoys the visits.
  2. Protecting the teeth (baby or permanent) and gums from harmful bacteria.

Going to the dentist’s office as a child can be a bit scary. If their first few trips are confusing or even frightening, then your child will fight going to the dentist. And when they are grown up, they will be less likely to visit a dentist twice each year like everyone should.

That’s why Dr. Callow plans  happy visits for his pediatric dentistry patients. There might not be anything more than an exam, but this is a chance for your child to have a fun time here. Once kids see our Plymouth, MI office can be fun, they feel much better about going in the future. And every parent could use one less struggle with their kid!

But it’s more than just making people feel at ease. As soon as teeth come in, Dr. Callow can help. Fluoride treatments strengthen enamel and help prevent tooth decay, while dental sealants can provide an extra layer of protection, especially for the back teeth. It takes time for children to learn how to brush and floss properly, so exams and preventative treatments can help protect your child’s teeth.

You can even start helping when your child is an infant. Since gums are vital to any smile, they need attention as well. Whether nursing or using a bottle, gently rub a clean, damp washcloth across the gums after feeding. This helps remove food particles that harmful bacteria need to grow.

Family Vs. Pediatric Dentistry

Many dental practices call themselves “family dentistry”. That means the dentist will treat most people in your family. Why “most”? Because some do not have the training or desire to work with small kids. Your whole family might not be welcome there.

Things are different here. Dr. Callow is a father of three and loves working with children! He has been providing dentistry for kids for over 35 years and has been extensively trained in dentistry. He also keeps current with modern technologies such as the DIAGNOdent cavity detector and digital X-rays. Both can be used to help find any problems in your children’s teeth before they get very expensive to fix. And he can see patients as young as two years old, meaning he can provide pediatric dentistry as well.

To make your next appointment, call us today at 734-404-7336 or send us a message through our online form.

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