Alice H.

During delivery of my child, I dislocated my jaw, which is kind of different for … people are like, “What?” So, I dislocated my jaw, which it impaired me or didn’t allow me to open my mouth and then in the end result, I was clenching at night when I slept, which caused mouth pain.

Coming to Dr. Callow, I had went to several oral maxillary facial doctors and they were like, it was so costly and again, like I said, Dr. Callow would give you the option of the pricing and stuff.

So, I came to Dr. Callow and he gave me the options of what I can do. You know, long-term options and that was the only option, basically, that was for me. The best option was, for me, was the mouthguard. The mouthguard, in turn, he gave an impression, the mouthguard was back in a timely fashion, and I’m able to—I have to wear it sleeping at night, where I was supposed to wear it every night but because I’ve worn it, I don’t have the pain like I had before.

But it definitely does … working with Dr. Callow with that and even there were times where I had to like, have other dental work, which the mouthguard wasn’t fitting properly. Brought it back in to Dr. Callow, he did his little adjustments for me, and I was—it wasn’t just one time it happened.

There were several times that dental work was done and Dr. Callow didn’t have a problem with adjusting it, and right there, on the spot. He adjusted for me where I was able to … it fit properly. If it was too tight, if it was too loose, if it was, you know, wasn’t fitting properly, he always fixed it and made the repairs like I needed it.

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