Bob S.

I’d had the crowns for 20 years, probably—I don’t really remember and they were beginning to chip and fail. You know, things fall apart after the years and I was looking to replace them. And I was looking or a dentist that—and that’s really why I found Dr. Callow is I was looking for somebody that just brought out cosmetic dentistry, rather than just simply dentistry. Any dentist can replace a crown, but I wanted the cosmetic thing.

So, I came in, had a conversation with him. I’d actually scheduled a previous dentist, canceled that when I found him, came in, we had the conversation. I liked what I had to hear, I liked his input, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results.

I mean, he did them individually where the previous one had tied some together and to floss, he had to go underneath them and now, they’re all individual so you can floss right in between them like you should be able to do.

I knew it was going to be a long process, I mean, it wasn’t going to be a 10 minute job. I think the biggest concern—you always have the concern about the pain because you’re going to get some injections. You’re going to numb things up and that’s when I discovered he was the most pain-free guy I’d ever met. It was literally the easiest appointment that I had ever had in my life for crowns, and I’ve had implants, and I’ve had crowns, and I’ve had other stuff, and this was just … I was very happy.

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